EY – GDS (On campus) Interview Experience – 2022

OrganizationErnst and Young (EY-GDS)


Hey guys, I am Kavish Gidwani , placed in EY-GDS . sharing my interview experience.

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Round 1 (online test)

The online test consists of the following sections for 65 minutes.

It was organised through the AMCAT platform.

  1. English (12 questions in 18 minutes)
  2. Quantitative Aptitude (12 questions in 13 minutes)
  3. Logical(12 questions in 12 minutes)
  4. Technical(20 questions in 20 minutes)

Round 2 (Group Discussion)

Duration : 30 minutes

Topic : Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Tips from Kavish :

  • It is usually preferable to make notes for later use because there is a 5-minute thinking period before the start of the group discussion.
  • It is usually best to start first, and if you miss the opportunity, be ready to counter the first one.
  • Make your points politely and confidently.
  • Most Important : Avoid debating; that is not discussion.
  • It is always best to listen closely to what others are saying while responding.

Round 3 (Technical Interview Experience)

Duration : 30 min

Tip: Usually the question asked from the topic that you mention in your resume , only include the topic in resume that you can tell.

Question asked :

  1. Which is your Major Project ?
  2. Which technology you explore?
  3. which Machine learning model you used in you project ?
  4. what is Rum time Polymorphism ?
  5. What Program on ______?
  6. SQL queries ?

Round 4 ( HR Round )

Duration : 20 Min

Question :

  1. Introduce Your self ?
  2. What are your Strengths and Weakness ?
  3. What are your Hobbies ?
  4. Where you want to see your self after 5 year ?
  5. are You ready to relocate ?
  6. what will you do ,If you are in team and your team member is not doing there assign work ?


  • Education: Btech in CSE (final year)
  • Years of Experience: 0
  • Prior Experience: 0
  • Company: EY GDS
  • Title/Level: Associate Engineer
  • Location: Mumbai ,Pune
  • Stipend: 5 LPA
  • Signing Bonus: NA
  • Stock bonus: NA
  • Bonus: NA
  • Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): 500K
  • Benefits: sponsored flights + food etc
  • Other details: NA

Most imp TIP : Be confidant and prepare basics .

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