Building a Flask Login Web App: A Comprehensive Guide | Tech nileshBlog

Introduction Flask is a popular Python web framework that allows developers to build web applications quickly and easily. One of the key features of Flask is its support for user authentication and login functionality. In this article, we will cover how to build a Flask login web app, including user registration, login, and authentication. We … Read more

LFU Cache: LeetCode Solution in Python ,C++ ,Java, JavaScript ,Dart with Time Complexity Analysis

LFU (Least Frequently Used) Cache is a type of cache eviction algorithm that removes the least frequently used items first when the cache reaches its capacity limit. The idea behind this algorithm is that items that are used less frequently are less likely to be used in the near future, so it makes sense to … Read more

LeetCode: A Quick and Simple Solution to Find the Town Judge

The Steps to solve the “Find the Town Judge” problem can be broken down into the following steps: This algorithm uses a hash map (or unordered_map) to store the trust relationship between citizens and judge. By iterating through the trust array, we can keep track of the trust count of each person. And then by … Read more

Palindrome Partitioning of a String – LeetCode Problem Solution

Problem: Given a string s, partition s such that every substring of the partition is a palindrome. Return all possible palindrome partitioning of s. The Steps for solving this problem can be broken down into the following steps: This solution uses a backtracking approach to generate all possible partitions of the string, and check if each partition is a palindrome. If it is, … Read more

Solve Subarray Sums Divisible by K: A linear time complexity approach

The Subarray Sums Divisible by K approach is a technique used to solve problems that involve finding the number of subarrays in an array whose sum is divisible by a given number (K). The approach uses the concept of “prefix sums” and “modulo operation” to efficiently find the number of such subarrays in linear time … Read more

Maximum Sum Circular Subarray Leet Code with C++, Python, Java, and JavaScript Solutions

Example 1: Input: [3,-2,2,-3] Output: 3 Explanation: Subarray [3] and [3,-2,2] both have the maximum sum 3 Example 2: Input: [-2,-3,-1] Output: -1 Explanation: Subarray [-1] has the maximum sum -1 Solution Explanation: We iterate through the array and keep track of the maximum sum subarray seen so far, the maximum sum subarray ending at … Read more

C++ Input and Output: Understanding cin, cout, cerr and clog with Examples

In C++, input and output (I/O) operations are performed using the standard input/output library, which is defined in the <iostream> header file. The basic I/O operations in C++ are performed using the following four standard streams: Here’s an example of a simple program that uses cin and cout to read an integer from the keyboard … Read more

C++ Programming: An Introduction

C++ is a powerful, high-performance programming language that is widely used in a variety of applications, from video games to operating systems to scientific simulations. It is an extension of the C programming language, and was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early 1980s. One of the key features of C++ is its object-oriented programming … Read more

Achieving Success as an Android Developer: A Roadmap

Here is a roadmap for becoming an Android developer: 1. Learn the basics of programming: If you are new to programming, it is important to start by learning the basics. This includes concepts such as variables, loops, and data types. You can learn these concepts through online courses or by working through a textbook. 2. … Read more

Amortised Time complexity , and there method to find

What is amortised time complexity and method to calculate? Amortized time complexity is a measure of the efficiency of an algorithm that takes into account the average time taken by the algorithm over a sequence of operations, rather than just the worst-case or best-case time complexity. One method for calculating the amortized time complexity of … Read more

How to Get a Job at Google: Tips and Strategies for Applying and Interviewing

How to Get a Job at Google If you’re looking for a job at Google, there are a few things you’ll need to do. What is the interview question in the SDE role at Google?.First, head over to their website and register for an account. now move toward each step to How to Get a … Read more

Amazon SDE Interview Experience | Amazon SDE interview question

Experience 1: There are just too many postings out there that describe the normal Amazon SDE beginner drill. But I’ll still tell you about my entire experience.7 Debugging Questions in the First Round I got 7 out of 7 correct. Two Coding Questions in the Second Round I completely solved one, and I’m quite confident … Read more

How to get 5✨ on Leet Code with my Own experience

I am currently a 4th year undergraduate at one of the new SIT. You can connect with me on LinkedIn – started my DSA journey on second Year. and i have 3 ✨ on Leetcode 1st Phase() 2nd Phase() 3rd Phase() Tips UpdateAs some of you were asking for my coding and LinkedIn handles so … Read more

Leet Code : Intersection of Two Linked ListsLeet Code – Java | Python | C++ | Dart | Easy Solution

Find the location where two linked lists intersect. Find the node where the two linked lists cross when there are two of them and the tail of the second list points to a node in the first list. Take into account the linked lists below, where the fourth node of the first list is connected … Read more

How to Prepare for a Google Software Engineer Interview – Nileshblog.Tech

Most engineers dream of working with Google at some point in their life. But preparing for the Google software engineer interview takes dedicated and consistent effort. Do you also want to know what it takes to join Google as a Software Engineer? Do you want to work for your dream company? Read on to know … Read more

Tips To Get Hired at FAANG Companies


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,Which FAANG company is easiest to get into?,How can I join FAANG from India?,How do you get noticed by FAANG?,how to get job in maang,how to get job in maang 2023,How ,did you get a job at maang?
,Which maang company is easiest to get into?,How can I join maang from India?,How do you get noticed by maang?

Veritas (On Campus) Interview Experience -2022 | 2023

Veritas came to our college to hire students. An HR interview, two technical interviews, and aptitude +Technical tests were all part of the hiring process. Company name: Veritas Result: selected Position: STQA Rounds: 4 Connect with me on LinkedIn : HERE. Round 1 (Online Test) So, Guys, The first round was just a Qualifier test that shortlists the student … Read more

EY – GDS (On campus) Interview Experience – 2022

Organization: Ernst and Young (EY-GDS) Designation:  Hey guys, I am Kavish Gidwani , placed in EY-GDS . sharing my interview experience. If you have any questions, please contact me on Linkedin: Link Round 1 (online test) The online test consists of the following sections for 65 minutes. It was organised through the AMCAT platform. Round 2 (Group Discussion) Duration … Read more

JIO Interview Experience Campus | reliance jio interview questions – 2022

 It was an on-campus hiring event for the JIO Sparks Program’s Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Role. jio spark hiring process ,reliance jio spark interview questions ,Pre-Placement discussions regarding the company and its requirements were followed by Round 1 of the Placement Drive. TIP: YOU CAN CONNECT WITH LINKDELIN : LINK jio interview rounds and process Round 1:  … Read more