Offline SPPU examinations with 15 minutes of additional time per hour

Offline SPPU examinations with 15 minutes of additional time per hour
Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has announced that the summer exams would be done in the usual offline format beginning June 20.
After a few student activists filed the Bombay high court, demanding universality among all universities and suggested that the test be held offline in a multiple-choice-question (MCQ) format, there has been significant disagreement and misunderstanding among students about the style of the examination.

However, according to a statement issued on Sunday by SPPU’s director of examination and evaluation Mahesh Kakade, the test would be performed in the usual offline mode following a meeting with higher and technical education minister Uday Samant.

Extra time of fifteen minutes would be beneficial.provided for each hour of assessment SPPU also intends to provide a two-day break between each successive regular test so that students may become used to the question paper format. “Model question papers will be made available on the university’s website.” If there are two exams in a day, there should be at least one hour between them. It is the responsibility of the examination officers in each institute to guarantee that the instructors and students of the relevant college are aware of these qualities, and if there are any concerns, they are asked to clear them,” Kakade added.

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