BH Core Carbon E-Bikes: The Next Level of Performance and Integration

In the fast-paced world of electric bikes, BH introduces its 2022 Core Carbon lineup, featuring smooth power integrated e-bikes for road and gravel riding. Boasting lighter framesets, powered by the new 2EXMAG motor, these e-bikes deliver a more natural and seamless ride experience across all types of terrain.

The Evolution of BH Core E-Bikes

For the past two years, BH’s Core e-bike line has offered a diverse selection of competitively priced aluminum e-bikes, including road, gravel, trekking, and commuter models. These bikes have been well-regarded for their low Q-factor, driven by BH’s own-branded 2ESMAG motor, and a quick-charge battery providing an impressive 115km cruising range. Now, BH takes a leap forward, elevating the performance both on smooth roads and rough gravel, with a focus on achieving a ride quality that resembles conventional bikes more than ever before.

Introducing the New Features

The most evident upgrade in the 2022  Carbon Core Flex lineup is the move to full carbon framesets with integrated aero designs. However, the true performance boost comes from the introduction of the new 2EXMAG motor. Carefully nestled into the oversized bottom bracket area of the new frame, this 2.1kg motor is not only 10% lighter than its predecessor but also delivers the same 250W power output. Notably, the new motor boasts an 8% torque increase, reaching a peak of 65Nm.

Enhanced Performance and Natural Feel

To enhance the motor’s performance, BH incorporated external heat sinks, ensuring stable operation even under heavy load. Additionally, the motor features an upgraded telemetry torque sensor, resulting in smoother and more gradual pedal-assist. As a result, riders experience a more natural and harmonious pedaling feel, with support levels reaching up to 3 times the effort exerted by the rider’s legs.

Extended Cadence and Optimal Efficiency

The new motor, paired with an integrated speed sensor, proves itself versatile, supporting a wider range of cadences. Now, riders can enjoy assistance while spinning at up to 110rpm, up to speeds of 25km/hr. Beyond that speed, BH’s motor adds no noticeable drag, allowing for effortless cruising at higher velocities.

Technical Details for Performance Enthusiasts

The compact design of the BH 2EXMAG motor ensures that the Q-Factor remains unchanged at 163mm with FSA carbon cranks. The battery size has been slightly increased to 540Wh, discreetly tucked within the downtube. With this upgrade, BH claims an impressive maximum range of 165km at the lowest assist level. For those who crave even more adventure, an extra 180Wh XPro external bottle battery can be added, extending the estimated range to a maximum of 220km.

A Perfect Blend of Form and Function

The Core Carbon e-bike builds share a common DNA, featuring a 1370g carbon frame available in three sizes. Utilizing a hi-mod carbon mix and HCIM manufacturing techniques used in BH’s premium pedal bikes, these frames have been reinforced to accommodate the added weight and forces of an e-bike powertrain. GravelX e-bikes receive a special touch with a longer fork, tweaking their geometry for a slightly slacker ride.

The aerodynamic optimizations inspired by BH’s RS1 endurance road bikes lend a sleek and streamlined appearance to all new carbon e-bikes. The Kamm tail tube shaping, dropped seatstays, aero seatpost, and other design elements all contribute to reduced drag and increased efficiency.

Smooth and Seamless Integration

BH demonstrates their commitment to clean aesthetics and functionality by fully integrating FSA’s ACR full internal cable routing system on all e-bikes. Additionally, the Core display, borrowed from the first-generation alloy e-bikes, resides within the stem top cap, complete with control buttons and LEDs indicating support and battery levels.

Pricing and Customization

The 2023 BH Core Carbon lineup offers four models, catering to both road and gravel enthusiasts. The road models start at 5700€ and feature Shimano Ultegra 2×11 mechanical groupsets, while the gravel options include GRX 2×11 drivetrains. For those seeking the pinnacle of performance, the road builds can be upgraded to newer Ultegra Di2 2×12 drivetrains, and the gravel models to GRX Di2 2×11. All e-road builds come equipped with 28mm Hutchinson Fusion 5 tires, and e-gravel builds feature 35mm Schwalbe G-One tires, all mounted on tubeless-ready alloy wheelsets from FSA or Shimano.


The 2024 BH Core Carbon e-bikes redefine performance and integration, offering a ride quality that comes remarkably close to traditional bikes. With a lighter carbon frameset and the new 2EXMAG motor, riders can expect a natural and smooth experience across any terrain. The attention to detail, aerodynamic optimizations, and customizable options make these e-bikes a compelling choice for any enthusiast. Experience the future of e-biking with BH Core Carbon.

Nilesh Raut Changed status to publish August 4, 2023