Here’s a general guide on how to create web stories in Blogger:

Plan your web story: Before you start, plan the content and layout of your web story. Web stories are typically short, visual, and immersive. Think about the images, videos, and text you want to include in each “page” of your web story.

Prepare your media: Gather or create the media you’ll use in your web story. This may include high-quality images, short videos, or animations. Ensure that your media is visually appealing and relevant to your story.

Create a new blog post: Log in to your Blogger account and create a new blog post. This post will serve as your web story.

Design your web story “pages”: In the blog post editor, create individual sections that will represent the “pages” of your web story. Each section should include a combination of media (images or videos) and concise, engaging text that advances the narrative.

Optimize for mobile: Web stories are designed for a mobile-first experience, so make sure your design looks good on mobile devices. Use a responsive template or theme that adapts well to different screen sizes.

Add navigation elements: Provide navigation elements like “next page” and “previous page” links or buttons to help users move through your web story smoothly.

Test and preview: Before publishing, thoroughly test your web story on different devices and browsers to ensure it functions properly and looks appealing.

Publish and promote: Once you’re satisfied with your web story, publish the blog post. Share it on your social media channels or other platforms to promote your web story and drive traffic to your Blogger blog.

Please note that Blogger may have added new features or functionalities since my last update. So, I recommend checking Blogger’s official documentation or support forums for any updates on web story creation within Blogger. Additionally, if there are any third-party plugins or tools available for creating web stories on Blogger, you might want to explore those options as well.

Nilesh Raut Asked question August 5, 2023