Estimating Abhiley’s response to modern technology would require considering several factors. Firstly, one would need to assess their familiarity and comfort level with technology. If Abhiley has grown up in a tech-savvy environment or has actively sought out opportunities to learn about and use modern technology, it is likely that they would have a positive response.

Additionally, their attitude towards change and adaptability would play a significant role. If Abhiley is open-minded and embraces new ideas and innovations, they are more likely to have a positive response to modern technology.

Lastly, their personal needs and preferences should be taken into account. If modern technology offers solutions or conveniences that align with Abhiley’s lifestyle or interests, they may be more inclined to respond positively.

Overall, estimating Abhiley’s response to modern technology requires considering their familiarity, attitude towards change, and personal needs/preferences.

Softy Dev Asked question September 24, 2023