In the quest for better traction during winter biking, riders have various options to choose from, including tires, studs, studded tires, and chains. SlipNot Bicycle Traction Systems, a company based in Bayfield, CO, offers bicycle tire chains designed to provide improved grip on snow, ice, and mud. In this review, we tested these chains under different Minnesota winter conditions to evaluate their performance.

Installing SlipNot Traction Systems Bicycle Chains:

The installation process for SlipNot Traction Systems Bicycle Chains is straightforward, taking approximately ten minutes. Proper alignment of the chains and cables on the tires may require some repositioning, but this becomes easier with practice. The set includes extension pieces to secure the chains in place. Storage and cleaning are convenient with the provided mesh bag. These chains weigh 3.6 lbs, which may be a consideration for weight-conscious bikers.

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Testing on Minnesota River Bottoms:

In fresh snow conditions, the SlipNot chains exhibited excellent traction, especially on hills, allowing smooth climbing without rear tire slippage. However, on rutted, cupped, and icy trails after a warm front, the chains did not perform as well, causing lateral sliding and loss of balance.

Excelled Performance on Snowmobile Trails:

SlipNot Traction System chains truly excelled on snowmobile trails with varying conditions, such as packed, loose, and fresh powder. The chains provided increased traction for forward momentum, boosting confidence on downhills and assisting in climbing without tire slip.

Minimal Trail Damage:

Contrary to concerns, SlipNot chains did not cause significant trail damage. They left a track no deeper than a tire without chains, as demonstrated in our review.

Ideal Conditions for SlipNot Chains:

In fresh powder and packed trails (when not iced over), SlipNot chains proved most effective. For deeper snow, using lower tire pressure alongside the chains improved floatation and riding experience. On icy surfaces, riders may prefer not using the chains or reducing tire pressure to enhance trail hold.

Chain Sizing Options:

SlipNot Traction System Bicycle Chains come in various sizes to fit both fat and skinny tires. The fat tire models accommodate 3.7″-3.8″ tires on 65mm and 85mm rims, while the 85mm rim set can accommodate 4″ tires on 65mm rims. There is also a set for 4.7″ tires on 100mm rims. Prices start at $104.99, and the chains are available directly from SlipNot Traction Systems.


SlipNot Traction Systems Bicycle Chains offer enhanced winter biking traction in specific conditions. They excel on snowmobile trails, fresh powder, and packed trails. While they may not perform as well on icy surfaces, they are a valuable addition to a winter biking setup. Bikers can choose from various chain sizes to suit their tire and rim specifications. With SlipNot chains, riders can confidently navigate winter trails and enjoy an improved biking experience.

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