The University of Pune has banned cyclists on campus, citing pedestrian safety as the reason.

Pune, June 13, 2022: Five months ago, the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) posted a warning prohibiting bikes from entering the campus. According to SPPU authorities, this decision was made with pedestrian safety in mind.

Bicyclists are now being turned away from the premises by the authorities. However, only those wearing cycling gear are turned back, while others wearing conventional clothing and riding bicycles are permitted inside. It’s also worth noting that four-wheelers are welcome on the property.

“They may have a solid reason to keep cyclists off campus,” a rider stated, “but we need to know about it.” Instead of a full prohibition, the government may have imposed certain riders’ limitations.

Students, instructors, and non-teaching personnel have first right on the campus, stated University Registrar Prafull Pawar. The campus draws a huge number of residents, including both young and old, who come for fresh air in the morning and evening.

“Previously, when cycling was permitted on campus, different organizations held races within the university, endangering people,” he said. There have been a few cases in the past when fast bicycles have caused injury to walkers. As a consequence, with the exception of university students, all biking activities have been forbidden.

Cyclists used social media to draw attention to the problem. Siddharth Shirole, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has taken note of this and has committed to raising the issue with university authorities.

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