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Amazon SDE Interview Experience | Amazon SDE interview question

Experience 1:

There are just too many postings out there that describe the normal Amazon SDE beginner drill. But I’ll still tell you about my entire experience.7 Debugging Questions in the First Round I got 7 out of 7 correct. Two Coding Questions in the Second Round I completely solved one, and I’m quite confident the answer was optimum. For the second question, my solution passed some but not all of the test scenarios.

Third round: a 3-hour simulation of a typical day for an Amazon SDE. There are no gimmicks here; it is very basic. (While answering, keep the leadership concepts in mind.).These three rounds took place in November of 2022.I heard somewhere that you have to wait around a month before they arrange the last round of interviews (if you cleared the first round).

I e-mailed them, explaining the circumstances, and requested that the interviews take place when I returned in the first week of February. But I received a response indicating that the deadline is January 24th and they want to fill the post, so they can remove my application temporarily, but there are no promises that the interview would take place in the first week of February. I chose one of the available timeslots and began preparing. (The time frame was 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. because they’d be interviewing according to Pacific Time.) Again, it is not their fault.

I had around nine days to prepare. After a year and a half, I finally met my family, but I planned to return to India (my native country) at the end of December and return on January 30th. I was expecting my final round of interviews to be completed before I left so I could relax and enjoy my vacation. If only everything had gone as planned. I received an email from Amazon two days after I arrived seeking a last round of interviews (3 interviews with different SDEs at Amazon).To be honest, one of my suitcases had yet to be unpacked.

Experience 2:

I got a call from an Amazon recruiter. I got an online assessment test link. There Were 2 questions LeetCode Medium level. Cleared Online round. After that, I got the call for the virtual interview round. I asked for some time to prepare well for problem-solving and system design. After some time they called me again for the virtual round interview.I got an interview schedule email. There was 3 round on the same day.

Round 1: LP questions
System Design questions.

Round 2:

2 medium-level questions1) String problem -> able to solve somehow.
2) Tree Problem -> not able to solve.
and some LP questions.

Round 3: 2 medium-level questions.
1) Array problem -> able to solve with a given a hint.
2) Tree problem -> able to solve naive approach,

Got Selected For a package


Education: B.E. in Information Technology(Tier 1 College)

Years of Experience: fresher

Company: Amazon

Title/Level: SDE 1 fresher (L4)

Location: India

Salary: 13,00,000 INR

Relocation/Signing Bonus: 3,50,000 INR(1st year) + 2,25,000 INR(2nd year)

Stock bonus: RSUs worth 10,00,000 INR with vesting (5%,15%, 40%, 40%) over the next 4 years

Bonus: Relocation bonus 1,50,000 INR

Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock + benefits): 19,38,200 INR(1st year)


Meal Coupon worth 1,100 INR per month
Transportation allowance 4,000 INR per month
Internet Bill reimbursement upto 1,250 INR per month
Gym/Health Club membership reimbursement upto 1,000 INR per month
Other details: Return offer as full time, after internship

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