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Assam government school teachers will be trained by IIT faculty members.

GUWAHATI: Faculty members from IIT-Guwahati will train teachers from Assam government schools, several of which have been issued showcause warnings by the state education department for having zero pass percentages in the recently released Class X state board exam results. A total of 102 government-run schools were investigated, with pass rates ranging from zero to ten percent.

“We have secured a pact with IIT-Guwahati to train the teachers, particularly those delivering mathematics, science, and english classes,” .

education minister Ranoj Pegu told the reporters

We’re also taking steps to ensure that school teachers get training from college professors.” Pegu said that the education department would be overhauling the school education system in the near future.

“The administration is contemplating implementing a state-wide school rule book.” The idea of introducing the notion of a class instructor is also being considered. There will also be some adjustments to the course content,” he said. The government took the poor performance of government-run schools very seriously, and the director of secondary education even threatened school headmasters and principals with dismissal if their responses to showcause warnings were unacceptable.

The MoU inked between IIT-Guwahati and Samagra Shiksha, the Assam education department, would promote science and technology at all levels of schools and institutions throughout the state, according to Prof. Parameswar K Iyer, dean, public relations at IIT Guwahati. He stated that these actions are anticipated to start shortly. Prof. TG Sitharam, director of IIT-Guwahati, stated that the goal is to improve the quality of education in the state by exposing teachers to world-class laboratories at IIT-Guwahati, raising awareness about modern teaching methodologies, and providing residential training to teachers, all of which will be followed up with regular proactive follow-up efforts.

“We will work closely with the state’s education department to identify areas that need quick upgrade so that the state’s education standards can be dramatically enhanced,”

he said. The partnership, according to IIT-Guwahati, will be used to carry out a master trainer residential training program on scientific topics at IIT-Guwahati, school mentorship activities, science and mathematics quizzes, and olympiads as part of the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan.

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