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Top Information Technology Courses in Nepal, Their Scope, and Where to Study

Information Technology has taken the world by storm. No office or organization can function without the assistance of the IT department. This global phenomenon is certainly attracting a massive number of students every year. As the number of IT enthusiast students increases, the number of IT colleges is also increasing. In the context of Nepal, there are plenty of IT courses provided by different colleges and universities. All these available choices could create choice paralysis among the students. That’s why to assist the students, we have listed the top IT courses in Nepal, their scope, and the best places to study them in this article.types of it courses in nepal

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    BSc. CSIT

    Among the IT courses available, BSc CSIT is definitely the most popular IT course in Nepal. CSIT degree combines previous 3-year Computer Science degree and 3-year Information Technology degree into a single 4-year course. So, the degree can be thought of as a combination of Information Technology and computer science principles and applications. Due to this, it can be considered as one of the vast IT courses in Nepal as it ensemble different fields of IT in it. Since most of the TU and KU affiliated colleges are providing this degree, it could be easily available in your nearby colleges. One of the top colleges of Nepal, St. Xavier’s College situated in Maitighar also provides this 4-year degree in affiliation with TU.

    BSc. Computing (Hons)

    BSc Computing is a software-specialized international degree in Nepal. This program provides general education in the field of computing. It has been designed for students who aspire to specialize in developing and maintaining modern computer-based systems. This module covers four distinct areas; Software Development, Information Systems, networks, distributed systems, and Internet computing systems. Currently, this degree is being provided by many colleges which are affiliated with foreign universities. Islington College and The British College are the most popular colleges providing this degree right now. This degree could be the best for students who wish to specialize in software and programming skills rather than the network side.

    Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

    Tribhuvan University has recently launched the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program from the academic year 2074/75. The BCA program of TU is for 4 years. BCA claims to be a more practical-oriented course. Hence, the course focuses on the application side of technology i.e using computer science and information technology principles to develop computer applications. This course also seems to include some business-related courses. As BCA graduates, one can apply for the post of system analyst, system manager, project manager, database administrators, system designer, and programmer in IT Companies.
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    BSc. Computer Networking & IT Security (Hons)

    As much as the world needs programmers and software engineers, the world also needs network engineers and IT security specialists the same. Due to the complication of Computer Networking and the severity of security challenges, the world has a huge demand for cybersecurity specialists. To meet this demand, a specialized module has been prepared as BSc Computer Networking and IT Security. Just like BSc computing, this degree is also available in foreign-affiliated colleges. This degree offer student an extensive grounding in traditional network and security protocols as well as the preparation for technologies such as wired and wireless networking, VOIP, virtualization, and so on.

    Bachelor of Information Management(BIM)

    Information management is concerned with infrastructure, people, and contexts required for the collection, management, and dissemination of information. Upon further inspection, a BIM degree coursework appears to be somewhat similar to that of an Information Systems degree i.e both heavily focus on business-related coursework along with technological aspects in regards to CS and IT. So, if you are someone who wishes to learn both the business and technology side at the same time, this is the perfect course curated for you. However, some people worry that they cannot learn with the same specialization as their counterparts’ degrees in this course.

    Final Words

    First and foremost, the no-brainer thing you should do is to check if you’re eligible for a certain course you like. You can’t get an engineering degree without a +2 science degree but you can get a BIM, BCIS types degree with +2 management as well. You can easily find the criteria and eligibility requirements for each course online. Another thing you can do is check the syllabus for each course you’re interested in. Look up the subjects listed in the syllabus and see what intrigues you.
    At the end of the day, what is important is not the college you choose, but the determination and hard work you pour into your degree. It’s skills that are actually relevant in this field. There are people without a college degree who are IT professionals. There are programmers without degrees and there are designers, networking folks without degrees. Some people just learn programming and start working. Therefore, make sure you choose the degree and college that is compatible with you and improve your IT skills every single day.

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