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Veritas (On Campus) Interview Experience -2022 | 2023

VERITAS Interview experience

Veritas came to our college to hire students. An HR interview, two technical interviews, and aptitude +Technical tests were all part of the hiring process.

Company name: Veritas
Result: selected
Position: STQA
Rounds: 4
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Round 1 (Online Test)

So, Guys, The first round was just a Qualifier test that shortlists the student for the Next round ( For Placement Drive ).

The Test contains Sections like :

  • Aptitude
  • Basic Technical
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networks.
  • Programming Questions.

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Round 2 (Technical Interview)

The Actual Placement drive started here .They Firstly Asked Which Language You are Comfortable .

The Interview lasted for 1 Hour.

Question asked During Interview :

  • Introduce Your Self ? If You’re unsure about how to introduce yourself, read The article here
  • Started with Basic of Operating system ,Computer Networks ,OOPS ,Linux .
  • Operating System.
  • OPPS
    • Encapsulation ?
    • Destructor ?
    • Function overloading?
  • Linux
    • Linux Command To Transfer File in SSH ?
    • Linux Basic Command for Start-up Machine ?
  • Programming Question / Coding Question ?
    • Implement the Link list ?
    • Find the Repeated Char in given string ?
  • Basic Question related to Computer Networks ,OS.

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Round 3 (Technical Interview):

This round focused more on the job role. The question was primarily related to the Domain of job roles. First I was asked to describe all about my project your my words. The maximum questions are based on the Resume in the interview. I have done AWS, so the maximum questions asked are from AWS, CLOUD, and DevOps.

Read More : If you want to know How To make Resume

The Interview lasted for 1 Hour.

Question asked During Interview :

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  • Introduce Your self ?
  • Cloud – DevOps
    • How the Instance ( Virtual Machine) Launched in AWS ?
    • Type of Storage that can Attach to AWS Instance ( VM )?
    • What is Network storage in AWS and How to used in AWS ?
    • What are advantages AWS ?
  • Linux
    • Basic Directory of Linux which are important to run the machine ?
    • what are basic Command in Linux which are most important ?
    • Linux command to List out all Directory ?
  • Programming Question ?
    • Implement Stack ? using any method ? (array , Link list).
  • TIP : The question are Oriented around the Topic ,Certification ,Tech You added in resume , Make the Proper Resume. Do not include any topics on which you are unsure.
  • TIP :If You have Good Knowledge in Computer Fundamentals Subjects of engineering then You will easily crack the Interview and grab the job .

Round 4 ( HR ):

This was the Quite easy round .

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Question asked During Interview :

  • Introduce Your self ? this Question asked in every round .
  • Why did you choose to attend this college rather than the one in Bhopal?
  • Are you satisfied with this college and college life ?
  • What changes are made in your life, before Round 2,3 and after Round 2,3?

Thank You Very Much, Arpit Sir, for sharing your wonderful experience and guiding students in their placement preparation.

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