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How to get 5✨ on Leet Code with my Own experience

I am currently a 4th year undergraduate at one of the new SIT.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn – https://in.linkedin.com/in/nilesh-raut-8584a81ab
I started my DSA journey on second Year. and i have 3 ✨ on Leetcode

  • -> I started quite late with coding as I was a development guy back till 2020.
  • -> I had learnt C++ and Python due to my coursework of the college.
  • -> I was doing some basic DSA at GFG using CPP but was not quite good with that.
  • -> Cracked a summer internship at one of the Microsoft Subsidiary (Future Ready Talent )with my dev skills.
  • -> Was not satisfied with the internship and decided to learn and practice DSA.

1st Phase()

  • -> Practiced and learned some of the basic Data structures.
  • -> Gave contest regularly on leetcode and started with Competitive Programming.
  • -> Practiced through Striver Sheet which helped me to clear the basics and then advanced to some medium and hard data structures.

2nd Phase()

  • -> Gave regular contest on codechef, codeforces and leetcode.
  • -> Did my summer intern during this period.
  • -> Gave a lot of virtual contest.
  • -> Reached 2* at codechef.
  • -> Reached specialist at Codeforces.

3rd Phase()

  • -> Not able to sit for campus placements.
  • -> Reached 196 at codechef.
  • -> Reached 156 at codeforces.
  • -> Reached 209 at Leetcode.
  • -> Gave an off campus interview at Microsoft , Carwale but bombarded the last round.
  • -> Gave 2 off campus interviews in December .
  • -> Crack two on campus Interview JIO and VI.


  • -> Be consistent.
  • -> Give contest regularly.
  • -> Don’t cheat yourself.
  • -> Practice mock interviews.
  • -> If have time practice cp and give virtual contest.
  • -> Start early.
  • -> Do peer programming.

As some of you were asking for my coding and LinkedIn handles so adding them.
LinkedIn – https://in.linkedin.com/in/nilesh-raut-8584a81ab

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